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Deputation: A Moveable Feast

We have had the opportunity to eat at some wonderful restaurants while traveling the country on deputation. Here are a few of our favorites. Let us know if you’ve eaten at any of them…

1. Antonio’s Cucina Italiana (Dearborn Heights, MI): Great Italian food, bread is amazing.
2. Aunt Catfish’s on the River (Port Orange, FL): Great flounder and terrific salad bar.
3. Blue Adobe Santa Fe Grille (Scottsdale, AZ): “New Mexican” food.
4. Country’s Barbecue (Opelika, AL): Thanks Pastor Boatman!
5. Green Room Café (Cocoa Beach, FL): Best açai bowls we’ve had.
6. Holly’s on Main (Fort Walton Beach, FL): Lunch only. Great seasonal menu.
7. Hull’s Seafood Restaurant (Ormond Beach, FL): Low-key dining. Great seafood.
8. Lamar’s Doughnuts (Oxford, AL): Best. Donuts. Ever.
9. Market Grille Café (Las Vegas, NV): Our favorite in Las Vegas. Great Mediterranean food.
10. Meadowlark Restaurant (Centerville, OH): Our favorite restaurant at home. Eclectic menu.
11. Mosquito Café (Galveston, TX): Eclectic menu. Great hamburgers.
12. Seafresh Seafood (Ojai, CA): Awesome. Incredible garlic tuna roll.
13. Thai 9 (Dayton, OH): Thai food with great sushi as well. Second favorite at home.
14. The Black Pearl (Newport, RI): Great clam “chowda”.
15. Wood’s Seafood (Plymouth, MA): Don’t judge it by its looks. Fresh off the boat.

Deputation: Follow the Money Trail

We are so thankful for the supporting churches the Lord has blessed us with that makes it financially possible for us to minister in Italy. We still lack just under 10% of our support needed but trust the remainder will come in from churches who have expressed their intentions to partner with us as well as others we have visited in the past that are unknown to us as part of God’s plan for provision.

Around 50% of our support is within a 6 hour radius of our home-base in southern Ohio. Outside of our home-base region I tried to target churches in select geographic areas based on an initial contact, referral, or cities we would be passing through on our travels, etc. Below is a breakdown on the percentage of support we are currently receiving from churches in each state.

Ohio… 22.6%
Florida… 12.36%
New York… 8.63%
Texas… 7.3%
California… 6.04%
Pennsylvania… 5.98%
Alabama… 5.29%
New England… 5.12%
Indiana… 4.95%
Nevada… 4.6%
Michigan… 4.37%
Georgia… 3.16%
Arizona… 2.3%
Kentucky… 2.3%
Tennessee… 2.3%
Virginia… 1.84%
W. Virginia… 1.73%
Missouri… 1.15%
Oklahoma… 1.15%
Louisiana… 0.58%
N. Carolina… 0.58%

Deputation: By the Numbers

Start date and location for full-time deputation: Sunday July 26, 2009* in New York

* We had several months of part-time deputation while Sandy was expecting our daughter Pearl. We only had 10% financial support when I quit my job as an engineer to begin deputation full-time.

End date and location for deputation: October 30, 2011 in California

Total miles driven on deputation: approx. 100,000 miles

Longest hours spent driving in a single day: 17 hours

Total number of churches visited: 261*

* 54 of the 261 meetings at churches were mission conferences or mission emphasis days

Total number of prayer cards passed out: approx. 15,000

Total number of States where we had meetings: 27*

* includes churches in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia

Total number of beds slept in: 151*

* Of the 151 beds, 75 were at hotels/condos, 43 were at mission apartments, 33 were at church members’ homes, 1 was at a camp cabin in Colorado

Money spent on gas: approx. $23,000

Money spent on hotels: approx. $10,000

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